Doing Everything but Javascript

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I worked on the HTML and CSS of the Search Results page instead of implementing the JavaScript part of Lunr.js. At least it looks okay? Everything else is left, though.

Today I’ve been working on getting my site ready for its own search provider using Lunr.js, which provides search for visitors using client-side JavaScript. Hugo was easy enough to generate a JSON file thanks to dict and jsonify. The hard part was, well, everything else.

Thing is, this is a lot more JavaScript than I’m used to having to do. I’m thankful that I at least have a presentation finished up and that I’m generating valid JSON to (eventually) parse into Lunr.js, but the actual implementation feels daunting to me. I’m hoping it’ll actually be easy, though, once I start on it.

But I think, for now, placeholders that work, a proper template, and a proper source of data for search is enough. Next steps are to basically hook everything up (you know, to actually display a result when someone types a search in) and to pre-build the search index.

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